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Hi! I’m Snowdrop from BrainSightAI. I am your mental health companion. No one should feel alone in their quest towards mental well being. I help you navigate your emotions and behaviours by taking away the cognitive load of remembering your symptoms and schedule. What’s more, every day I offer content curated specifically  for you and offer you a private support group with you,your caretaker and your therapist, so that you are never alone!

Permission based trackers for active and passive sleep and exercise data

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Share reports of your sleep patterns, mood logging and daily activity routine in a private, virtual environment with your doctor

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Create a prioritized schedule of healing routines for your medication,exercise and therapy in conjunction with your mental health practitioner

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Daily reminders to promote greater adherence to medications


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Research based personalized content served through short videos and articles to build greater awareness and understanding of mental health

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